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** ثبت نام آخرین ترم کلاس های کودکان و نوجوانان و بزرگسالان در سال 96 آغاز شد.**


همچنین ثبت نام آخرین دوره کلاس های Discussion قبل از امتحان دیپلم آغاز گشته است.

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Gooyesh Language Institute

Student at Sadatabad Branch, GAL
"To anyone who looks for a language institute, I would say "don't give it a second thought, just study at Gooyesh and feel a real language learning atmosphere."
Student at Parvin Branch, GAL
"Studying at Gooyesh encourages you to engage in collaborative learning with other students and academic staff. The constant exchange of ideas makes us ready for a truly diversified environment, especially in learning the values and beliefs of other students and instructors who come from all over Esfahan and from different families."
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Diploma Exam Results
Thursday, 21 Sep 2017
The applicants who passed the diploma exam can refer to Nourbaran Branch in order to receive their Diploma Certificates from October 12th, 2017.
Registration Deadline
Sunday, 05 Jul 2015
Following the last order of the institute's head office, registration of all courses and all semesters would be possible at most up until 24 working hours before the beginning ...
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