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قابل توجه فراگیران گرامی و والدین محترم

شما می توانید از این پس با نصب و استفاده از اپلیکیشن موسسه روی تلفن همراه، کلیه امور اداری و آموزشی خود اعم از ثبت نام، نظر سنجی ها، دیدن نمرات، چک کردن وضعیت کلاسی، فعالیت های آموزشی و .... را به راحتی از طریق تلفن همراه انجام دهید.


لازم به ذکر نسخه iOS نرم افزار در آینده نزدیک در اختیار کاربران قرار خواهد گرفت.

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Privacy Policy

Users’ privacy is of great importance for Gooyesh. It is hereby explained how we store and utilize users’ information given to us due to their agreement while receiving our services.

Users’ ID: While enrollment in our courses for the first time, all our applicants give us their ID information, such as First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birth Date, ID Number, Telephone and Cellphone Numbers, Email Address, Postal Address, Zip Code, and ID photo. All this information is secured and encrypted in our database and will solely be used by our managers for educational and informational purposes.

Users’ Educational Information: All information related to level placement and courses such as class attendance, scores, messages, exams, and report cards will solely be used by our educational and executive staff and also our managers.

Financial Transactions: While enrolling in our courses, all financial transactions are carried out on the national platform of SHAPARAK. We hereby announce that we just save the date, time and the receipt number of the transaction, i.e., all the other information related to your bank account and debit card will just be stored by SHAPARAK and NOT us.

Device Information: In order for better service to be offered, we will save the information of the device (smart phone, tablets, etc.) which you use to connect to us. This information include: device type, operating system, hardware configurations, and your connection type to the internet. (3g, 4g, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Audio Files: Some online tasks include parts in which users’ voice will be recorded. The tasks are to enhance the users’ speaking ability. The files will eventually be analyzed and scored anonymously by our teachers. This information will be solely accessible for our managers and you yourself.